How cats say "I love you" - and how you can respond!

How cats say "I love you" - and how you can respond!

That's right, cats say "I love you". In fact, they say a lot of things, all the time, we humans have a little bit of difficulty understanding ... Because, of course, they don't speak with words, they speak in their own way: with gestures.

And it is with a gesture that they say "I love you": looking at you and winking very slowly.

Only that. Very subtle like almost everything they do, but very deep as well. For cats, who are so concerned about safety and love to hide in dens, closing their eyes in the presence of another animal (or human) is an immense demonstration of confidence. So when they do this because they want to and very slowly, looking at you, it is because they definitely want to say something: that they love you very much and feel safe with you.

Who unraveled the cat's wink for the first time was the American behavioralist Anitra Frazier. And she found out more: if we flash "I love you" to our cats, they can flash "I love you" back! Cute like that!


To learn how to blink properly, the tip comes from Jackson Galaxy: practice in the mirror! And while blinking, speak mentally E-U-T-E-A-M-O, very slowly, so you don't rush things too fast. And then, wink at your meow and wait for the answer!

Another way to learn is, of course, by watching cats. There is a good chance that your kitten is declaring his love every day and you are not realizing it. It is just not worth confusing "I love you" with the eyes closing with sleep!

And if your furry isn't ready to "talk" yet, don't be discouraged! He can demonstrate his love in other ways: going to greet you at the door, asking for favor, staying close to you, lying on your lap, on your bed, on your keyboard ... It's just that for some cats the "I love you" is simply harder to leave!